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João Vicente praises Backdoor: "Let's not stop fighting"

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João Vicente praises Backdoor: "Let's not stop fighting"

The comedy group Porta das Fundo became one of the most talked about topics in Brazil this month, due to their Christmas special for Netflix, which generated a wave of indignation in the religious environment because of their representation of Jesus Christ.

The commotion over the controversy culminated in the bomb attack at the headquarters of the Porta dos Fundo producer, which took place on the 24th. Since then, the group has received hundreds of messages of solidarity from the artistic class.

.One of Porta's members, João Vicente de Castro used his Instagram to praise the work of the humorists. He wrote a lengthy text, accompanied by a photo where he himself appears alongside other comedians in the group – such as Fábio Porchat and Gregório Duvivier – and explained his view of the situation.

"In the photo is a group of people who dedicate their lives to art. In this photo we are not all responsible for that, we have a great team and a world of people who are full of love who also love art," the actor began in his post.

Then he said: "This photo is to thank the affection that almost explodes our hearts with so many beautiful messages. We will not stop fighting for our freedom of expression, because without it we are nothing. It is what we breathe. stop for us. We won't stop for you, "he finished, using the hashtags #naonoscalarao #violencianaovainosparar and # nadanoscarparar.

In the comments, he reaped several expressions of appreciation. "Total support for you," said one. Another said, "Keep doing your art, we need it." Another said, "You guys are awesome, stand firm."

UOL learned that the Integralist Nationalist People's Insurgency Command group, which claimed the Molotov cocktail bombing of the company's headquarters, also took over a year ago from an attack on UniRio (Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro). In December 2018, about 11 members of the group stole flags with anti-fascist sayings and, days later, published a video burning the banners.

"This group had already practiced an act that had already been ascertained," said Deputy Fábio Barucke, Operational Under-Secretary of Civil Police. When asked if the act was the attack on UniRio, he confirmed.

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