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Jason Bateman In Talks for Netflix’s Here Comes the Flood

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Jason Bateman in talks for Netflix’s Here Comes the Flood series

Emmy and Golden Globe winner Jason Bateman has been behind the camera for a feature film project for five years and now Deadline disclosed that the Ozark star is currently in talks to direct the Netflix assault thriller Here Comes the Flood.

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The film, written by Simon Kinberg (Black Phoenix), is being described as a “high, character-driven love story”, with the assault element of the story “unfolding gradually.” The project was the focus of a fierce bidding war between the studios, with the streaming service beating the competition with a seven-digit agreement and is reportedly a priority, with Bateman at the top of the list of other principal directors for the job .

Sources report that negotiations are still in the early stages for the 51-year-old filmmaker / actor / producer to lead the project and that negotiations are currently focused on just having it direct, but are keeping the option open for him to star in a of the many roles already written in the script. If he took the position, it would give him more than enough time to finish production in the highly anticipated final season of the acclaimed Netflix crime drama Netflix Ozark, before starting production on the film.

The project would mark the third time that Bateman directed a feature film after the well-received dark comedy Bad Words and the acclaimed indie drama The Family Fang, having starred in both, and would continue his work behind the camera in some episodes of Ozark and the first two episodes of Stephen King’s HBO limited series adaptation of The Outsider, in which he also starred. He was ready to reunite with Ryan Reynolds, star of The Change-Up, in the remake of Clue as co-star and director, but gave up on the film. last position due to scheduling conflicts with Ozark.

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It will also mark another continuation in its partnership with Netflix, having signed to produce the film adaptation of The Girls I’ve Been, which Millie Bobby Brown, of Stranger Things, also starred and produced, after having already returned to The final season of Ozark and the revitalization of Fox’s former streaming service, Arrested Development.

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