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Is this robot photographer the future of 3 × 4 portrait booths?

by ace
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Selfiebot in action at a fair in Australia

An Australian has created a robot that makes selfies. The idea itself seems strange. The word "selfie" comes from the English self, or "the person himself." That is, it is a picture that someone takes of himself, without help from anyone. But why tire of stretching out the phone if a machine can now do that?

Selfiebot is actually a high camera that takes photos and prints them on the spot. And how is it different from, I don't know, one of those 3 × 4 photo booths? The robot walks alone.

In addition, it comes with a ring light to enhance lighting and a tablet. The robot was created in 2017 by Enrico Penzo and is being used in fairs and events.

Selfiebot interacts with audiences by talking, using Artificial Intelligence technology, taking photos and making videos.

In addition to printing the photos, the robot also sends them by email or SMS. You can also customize the photos or make animated gifs.

"Selfiebot is a solution to the lack of mobility in traditional photo booths and avoids unpleasant interactions between photographers and guests at public events," Penzo, creator of the robot, wrote in his blog.

There are now ten robots available to rent in Australia, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States.



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