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Iraqi death toll rises to 93

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Iraqi death toll rises to 93

The death toll in protests calling for more basic services, which has been taking place in Iraq since Tuesday, has risen to 93, while the injured are around 4,000, the Iraqi government human rights commission said on Saturday.

According to its latest statement, a statement said 93 people were killed, 3,978 injured and 567 detained, of which 355 have already been released, in line with what was promised on Thursday night by Iraqi Prime Minister Adel. Abdelmahdi.

In the conflicts there was also material damage in 37 public and private properties, the commission said.

Dozens of protesters gather at least two points in the Iraqi capital on Saturday to call for better services for the fifth day in a row, protesting corruption and unemployment, an anonymous source from the Interior Ministry told EFE.

Security forces are trying to disperse protesters, he said.

Authorities lifted this Saturday at 5am local time (02:00 GMT), the mandatory curfew implemented in the last two days in Baghdad, where traffic normally circulates this Saturday morning, except for Tahrir Square, where there is still a significant number. of security forces.

The roads linking the capital with the rest of the provinces have been reopened, according to the same source.

However, restrictions on internet access continue and security forces are displaced in large numbers on the main streets of the capital.

Protesters have been protesting since Tuesday against corruption, unemployment and the decline of public services.

Called through social networks, the protest movement is the first test for Abdel Mahdi, about a year ago in the government of a country less than two years old from nearly four decades of conflict and a chronic shortage of electricity and drinking water. .

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