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Iran. Rohani available to renegotiate nuclear deal with powers

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Iran. Rohani available to renegotiate nuclear deal with powers

Iranian President Hassan Rohani said on Monday he was available to meet with leaders of major powers, including the United States, to discuss the nuclear deal, provided it does not contribute to Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

The United States abandoned its nuclear agreement with Iran in 2018, considering that its requirements were not being met and imposing strong economic sanctions against Tehran for continuing its nuclear program.

Iran said today it was ready to renegotiate the nuclear deal with the major powers, but expressed fears that Donald Trump would like to take advantage of the initiative for his presidential re-election campaign in 2020.

“I have clearly told the leaders of the European countries that if you make sure that it is a 5 + 1 group meeting (China, France, the United Kingdom, Russia and the USA, plus Germany), and that it is not an election meeting for the Mr. Trump, I'm available, ”Rohani said at a press conference.

The President of Iran also accused the US government of giving in to pressure from extremist groups, Zionists (regarding Israel) and Saudi Arabia when he decided to break the nuclear deal, adding that he “made a huge mistake”. "

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