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Iran invites Boeing to participate in plane crash investigation

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Iran invites Boeing to participate in plane crash investigation

Iran has invited Boeing to take part in the investigation into a Ukrainian plane that crashed in Tehran on Wednesday, killing all 176 people on board, state news agency IRNA said on Friday.

The decision comes after Western leaders said the plane appeared to have been accidentally hit by a missile at a time of mounting tensions between the United States and Iran.

Iran "invited Ukraine and Boeing to participate in the investigations," IRNA wrote, quoting a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry.

Spokesman Abbas Mousavi said specialists from other countries whose citizens died in the accident were also taking part in the investigation.

US, Canadian and British officials said it was "highly likely" that Iran accidentally shot down the civilian plane that crashed near Tehran.

US Transportation Safety Agency NTSB announced Thursday night that it will participate in the investigation of the Ukrainian Boeing crash after receiving a notification from Iran's civil air authorities.

Under the rules of the International Civil Aviation Organization, NTSB has appointed a representative for the disaster investigation, which has killed all 176 people on board, mostly Iranians and Canadians.

Also on Thursday, Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau had stated that the Boeing 737-800 of the Ukrainian private airline Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) had undoubtedly been shot down by an Iranian missile, probably by mistake. , according to Canadian and Allied intelligence services.

Iran immediately asked Canada to share this information, alleging "dubious scenarios".

For its part, the President of the United States expressed doubts about the thesis of a mechanical problem. "I feel something terrible has happened," Donald Trump said, referring to a "possible mistake."

The aircraft took off from Tehran, bound for Kiev, crashing two minutes after takeoff.

Ukraine has sent a team of 45 investigators to Tehran to study the causes of the air disaster.

The claim that the aircraft was shot down by Iranian ballistics is also shared by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who said he had "a body of information" that the Ukrainian Boeing 737 was "shot down by an Iranian surface-to-air missile."

Four US officials who spoke on condition of anonymity, quoted by the Associated Press news agency, said the Ukrainian plane may have been mistaken as a threat from Tehran.

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