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IOS update bug lets kids circumvent parental control

by ace
IOS update bug lets kids circumvent parental control

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Released on Tuesday (10) with tools for parents to limit their children's actions on smartphones, Apple's iOS 13.3 has major loopholes.

The software includes an option where parents can control who their children can communicate with – including blocking to add new contacts without a pre-configured PIN.

According to CNBC, however, the version may not work correctly, as there are "several bugs" and "does not protect children from talking to strangers on the phone, FaceTime or by text messaging."

These communication limits promised by Apple do not work, depending on the vehicle, if contacts on the mobile phone are not stored in iCloud by default.

CNBC said it had also done the test and concluded that as soon as a stranger sends a message to the minor's phone, it can be added to the minor and has the option to add the corresponding number to the contact list (if there is a PIN).

During the experiment, it was noted that the keyboard "disappears" on the first attempt to answer the unknown – but returns to the screen if the user leaves and returns to the location.

In addition, children can circumvent protection by using an Apple Watch paired with the iPhone.

The only way to "fix" the breach is by using the "Time" feature, where the child is prevented from using the appliance for a period of hours.

Apple has sent a statement to the broadcaster saying it will release an update on this version of iOS.

"This issue only occurs on devices configured with a non-default configuration, and a workaround is available. We are working on a complete fix and will release it in a future software update."

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