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Internet has not decided who Friends voted in the last election

by ace
'Friends' 25 Years: 5 Big Plot Mistakes in the Series

The first round of the last elections took place over a year ago, but social networks are still dissatisfied with a few votes. A special case draws attention, as it concerns people who could not even vote, since they are not Brazilian: they are the characters in the Friends series.

A meme made last year, just before the election, guarantees the votes of the six friends. The game has been rescued and at least four of the six protagonists are among the most talked about topics on Twitter this afternoon.

According to the meme, the young hippie Phoebe would be the elector of PSOL candidate Guilherme Boulos. Her friend Monica would also have a preference for a progressive name, choosing Fernando Haddad from PT. Meanwhile, former heiress Rachel Green would choose a name more closely linked to economic liberalism, and would therefore choose João Amôedo from NOVO.

College friends Ross Geller and Chandler Bing would follow very different paths. Chandler reportedly voted for PDT's Ciro Gomes and Ross would press 17 at the polls, helping elect the current president, Jair Bolsonaro. Already Joey would have relied on his faulty memory and forgot the title of voter at home.

Much of the internet has opposed the vote cast on Ross.

Ross is a jerk but I would never vote for Bolsonaro, he is a teacher, he values ​​science, history etc …
Easier Joey to vote for him https://t.co/J7kTtzLQhU

– SAMUCREU (@creusamu) October 12, 2019

Therefore, the image continues causing so much frisson.

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