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Instagram launches Threads, app to interact with your best friends

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Instagram announced on Thursday Threads, a messaging app for chatting and sending images and videos to users on the best friends list, a feature that went live last year.

Threads is born as an extension of "best friends," as when you download the new app, it connects directly to the user-made list on Instagram. The idea is to be a more intimate complement to the main social network.

When opening Threads for the first time, the user comes across a screen that encourages them to take a photo and share it immediately. And to make it easy to send messages and images to friends, the app has an option to create shortcuts.

The main and most controversial innovation of Threads is the so-called "automatic status", which shares the location and updates of what the user is doing at any given moment. This status varies throughout the day, such as "at home", "at work", etc.

Instagram said that while the update information is related to the Threads user's geographic location, this data will not be available to the rest of the network.

Given the app's features, Threads looks like Facebook's new attempt to beat Snapchat. The bet targets the younger audience and is sufficiently independent of the main app that, if it fails, it will not affect Instagram.

Mark Zuckerberg's company has been embroiled in recent years in several scandals that have damaged the public image of the world's largest social network.

The largest of them was starred by British consultancy Cambridge Analytica, which used a Facebook application to compile data from millions of users without consent and use it for political purposes.

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