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Informal Caregiver Status. Marcelo says it is necessary to pass "from law to …

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Informal Caregiver Status. Marcelo says it is necessary to pass "from law to ...

The President of the Republic spoke on Tuesday about the Statute of the Informal Caregiver to reiterate the importance of passing "from law to facts" and underline that "thousands and thousands" are those who have no vacation, neither Saturday nor Sunday.

"We all hope that your statute, which is in law, will go from law next year to facts," said Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, referring to the regulation of the Informal Caregiver Statute.

The President was speaking at the delivery ceremony of the Portuguese Caritas Peace Candle, as part of the "10 Million Stars – A Gesture for Peace" operation, at the Belém Palace, in Lisbon.

Marcelo stressed that "there are thousands and thousands [those] who do not have vacations, who have neither Saturdays, Sundays, stops, nor differences between working and non-working days because their connection is constant, their mission is permanent. all year long ".

Marcelo reminds “the most suffering in Portugal”

In his speech, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa also said that "it is not enough to conclude that there is poverty, injustice, inequality, suffering, abandonment, loneliness, it is necessary to act accordingly".

The President recalled "those who suffer most in Portugal", "those who are sick in hospitals" and those who have suffered from the bad weather in the "recent days", "particularly in the center and north of the continent and in particular in the lower Mondego" .

"This light is inspiring inside, in our country, and also outside," said the President, referring to the Portuguese Caritas Peace Candle given to him, because, he said, "the world needs more peace, more attention to the drama of climate change, less inequality, less misery, less confrontation, more dialogue, more understanding, more bridges. "

On November 5, the day of the Caregiver, the President of the Republic underlined, in a note published on the Presidency website, the importance of the effective application of the Informal Caregiver Statute.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa considered that the enactment of the Law approving the statute in September "marked an important step for a cause that belongs to everyone".

The Statute of Informal Caregiver was published in Diário da República in September and the Government has, from that date, four months to regulate it.

The diploma also gives the government 120 days to identify the legislative or administrative measures needed to strengthen the labor protection of non-primary informal carers. The "non-primary" caregiver is the caregiver on a regular rather than permanent basis.

The Statute of the Informal Caregiver defines, among other measures, a support allowance for caregivers, the rest to which they are entitled and specific measures regarding their contributory career.

According to the diploma, proof of the condition of primary informal caregiver is made of its own motion by the competent social security services.

The operation "10 Million Stars – A Gesture for Peace"was born in a diocese in France, in 1984, in 1991 became a campaign of French Caritas and, in 2002, extended to Europe, including Portugal, according to the Caritas website.

In November, December, and early January, those who want to join Caritas' mission of "being alongside the frail" can do so symbolically by buying a star-shaped candle for the price of two euros, explains to Caritas.

"Of the total funds collected, 65% is intended to support the action of each diocesan Caritas in their work in support of people in need. The remaining 35% is channeled to support victims of Cyclone Idai in Mozambique," said the Caritas.



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