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How new technologies allow emotions to materialize

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How new technologies allow emotions to materialize


Remember Gugu's heartbeat test? How did the guests have their heartbeats monitored while models danced for them? Jeez 90's! Yeah, that was a first scribbled attempt to measure emotions!

Today we have evolved a lot and when we bring together technologies we can achieve impressive results. We have the "computer vision", what he sees, which can be a video or image to detect the expressions. We have sensors and smart clothes (wearables) that measure our blood flow, heart rate, temperature, etc. And we have more and more potent the artificial intelligence (IA), which analyzes information and determines the feelings and emotions of an individual.

Analysis of unconfigured emotions

The system that analyzes emotions has already been used in several cases, such as job interviews, movie releases, advertising offers, etc. But then you ask yourself: what if I have a frown, will they detect me as "serious" or "angry"? Yeah … so we have a problem.

For now, systems do not seem to be as accurate as they should be. In December 2018, a study published by the Wake Forest University he tested some systems and found that errors occur differently in front of different races and the results showed cases in which even smiling pictures were detected as an expression of negative emotion.

Many companies use the system, including Amazon, Microsoft and even Disney, and these mangled systems may be doing more harm than good, at least for the people being evaluated.

Materialization of a love story

If studies and startups Screening emotions can scare your mistakes, there are also projects that can delight. When we talk about emotions, we can't help thinking about love, the strongest and most transformative of them.

When you remember your love story, your body reacts physically to these emotions, racing your heart. Thinking about it, a Brazilian startup developed a app that captures these emotions and turns your story into a gem.

The Aura Pendant, designed by Guto Requena and Estúdio D3, measures the heartbeat through the pulse of the finger in the cell phone and the variations in your voice as you tell the story. From this combination comes a unique mandala design, which can then be printed in 3D in silver or gold and transformed into a pendant.

It is the materialization of your love story. You can hold your emotion in your hands!

So, wanna see the design that has your love story? click here



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