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How does Tottenham’s Teflon Don get away with it?

by ace
How does Tottenham’s Teflon Don get away with it?

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The charge is untouchable
Many thanks to Matt Stead for writing how I always feel in the Spurs group chat, much to the chagrin of others.

The spurs are a mess. And it's been a while. We can look at a number of factors, but it all comes from the top of the house, Mr. Levy. However, the man is Teflon. Yes, we have a brilliant new stadium, but it belongs to Spurs. If you tear down your house and rebuild it for a bigger and better house, and it has now doubled in value, your net worth has increased. He is a businessman after all.

Spurs have the lowest pay as a% of turnover in the league. We have the highest paid president. We charge some of the higher league prices for our shiny new stadium, but they tell us that "we do things differently" and our fans cheer and accept. Why?

We have a recognized striker, a terrible RB who would have been abandoned a long time ago if we had no other option. One of the finest squads in the league (see previous F365 posts on this topic). Three main entries entered the season in the final year of the contract – who is to blame if not Levy?

Now two world-class managers have struggled to get the team up and running due to a scant investment in the club. I'm sick of people patting Levy on the back for being a businessman who doesn't give a damn about Spurs, just about marketing us and becoming richer. Wake up.

First team ever to make a summer transfer and yet we applaud it. Fools.
Grumpy, North Dive Stay on top (but not for much longer).

The Arteta Leap
So after just three games, a few weeks, Arteta is now Pep's second coming. His nous tactical miracle and man management made the squad the best in the world they should ever be.

Or is everyone trying 120% more than Emery to impress the new gaffer? I'm sure Ozil and Aubameyang will be facing and tracking this hard in six months rather than returning to average performance in recent years.
Calum (bitter with how horrible we were), MUFC, Wokingham

… Can we calm down in the narrative of the Arteta revolution? We can not say much of 3 games. Praise Arsenal and Arteta, of course; they were magnificent against Man Utd, especially in the first half. But how can this compliment be painted with such an obvious air of permanence? To talk about “finding the right way” and “how did the board allow this decision to take so long?” In 16 conclusions it is absurdly premature. Have we forgotten how the opposition manager started his own term 18 months ago ?! His is the most obvious example of increasing the brakes when it comes to a new boss.

It's not just Solskjaer; I feel like I have this kind of comment to make when discussing my own club, Chelsea, with other fans. All semi-comfortable and Lampard wins will be our Fergie. Each slight repulsion is received with such anger and poison that it is quite disturbing. I asked calmly even before Spurs, Wolves and Utd lost, making it a point gain for us.

What I am saying is that the constant falling of the knees is tiring. Many people treat 90-minute games as mini seasons. For Chelsea fans, step back, we are fourth, 5 points ahead of fifth, until the Champions League knockouts. Life is good, enjoy. For Arsenal fans, be proud and excited about how your team has been playing recently. Not every team can summon Jorginho and turn the game upside down. For Utd fans … this is a tough sell, even to my optimism. But you got this pessimism because Ole has been there for a long time and spends money. With Arteta (and even Lampard), it's a huge case to wait and see.
BlueLuke, CFC, tediously neutral

In a parallel universe
Imagine the conclusions you would draw if you had slept during the emery age. Imagine waking up for this match (the last two don't count because Arteta, the head coach, has arrived now!)

* Ozil is one of the greatest players in the world. He missed nothing in his advanced year. Quick, give him a new contract!

* Our record of buying young and cheap French wings strikes again! It looks like he had a great start in life in north London and is probably a challenge for the Golden Boot.

* Torreira is the player we need for many years at the midfield base. What a clever move from Arteta to buy it to free others to provide creativity.

* Xhaka looks particularly good beside him too. At his age, we could be looking at the Arsenal captain in the long run. The new Patrick Vieira?

* Aubameyang and Lacazette are classy. Advanced world class. Build the team around them in the long run.

* Taking Luiz for free was a genius. Chelsea must be livid to have this serial winner supporting us on the back.

* Sokratis is the defender we have needed for a long time. Sol Campbell's real successor: the nonsense, guaranteed on the ball, makes no mistakes and can also score goals.

* That Guendouzi boy has a lot of hair.

* Leno looks like the kind of goalkeeper who spends an entire season without making mistakes.

* We have great quarterbacks. Looking at the bank that should be the position in which we have the most coverage.

* Based on this performance and Man Utd's complete demolition, we must challenge the title again! No more Top 4 Trophy, the wait is over! This is our year!

* This new coach is clearly a genius. Thank God Arsenal's advice didn't go to the safe meeting and hired him right away.

* Freddie is still hot.
Mike, straight man, Leeds. Now watch us lose in the Arsenal Cup to Leeds.

Fire Lingard and Ole
I wonder if United fans would be so angry if they lost against anyone other than Arsenal.

I suppose Cockney Reds hates to go to work this morning to be greeted by goofy colleagues asking what was the score last night – but in the cold light of day – was such a disastrous result?

It came from the end of the traditionally congested Christmas season and frankly, Arsenal needed the result more than United.

United clearly need reinforcements in midfield and are guilty of abusing their youth – just like Arsenal – but how about firing Ole and particularly Lingard. The boy is clearly going through a rough time and doesn't need everyone telling him how rubbish he is.

Happy New Year and all, and very well Arsenal and Arteta.
Graham Simons, (only wants to get 40 points ASAP), Gooner, Norf London

Scotty McT FC
Manchester United is basically useless without McTominay. It improves just about everyone, especially Fred, when they play together.

He wasn't the only reason United lost, the second goal was the fault of most of the team in a bad corner defense (De Gea did what he could), but honestly United really needed him yesterday to help the middle. -field.

Of course Arsenal was also very good, it must be said.
Yaru, Malaysia

United Supply Line
Interesting statistics about United's midfield yesterday. Between Fred, Matic and Lingard, they have zero goals and zero assists in the Premier League this season. Imagine playing with these three as a supply line. Todd Cantwell has 6 goals and 2 assists, Jack Grealish has 6 goals and 5 assists, Jon Joe Shelvey has 5 goals this season. I'm not saying these players are good enough for United (as Grealish is), but it shows how bad United's midfield is. They really need at least two new players there. The left back is for another day, but it also needs to be sorted.
Ken, Cork, Ireland

Know the club
Given that Chelsea, Man U and now Arsenal have former players in charge of their clubs, this makes comparisons easier.
One thing that struck me is that the argument "he knows the club" really has very little validity. Not only are the managers of the top three PL clubs who have never played for Liverpool, Man City or Leicester before managing them, but there are also many former players you would not want to run your club: Pogba, Steve Bruce or Kleberson, to name just three from Man United.

Being coached by Sir Alex's favorite substitute Mourinho, or playing in midfield alongside Ozil, could be seen as disadvantages rather than advantages. The only advantage seems to be "the club knows him", meaning fans have heard of him, have fond memories of him as a player and so will probably give him a small dose of tolerance.

So will they use their time to good effect? Ole, to be fair to him, has made at least some decent signings to improve his defense and offense options – but can't think of a different way to play. Lampard set up a young, hungry, offensive team similar to his Derby team. Arteta impressed by aligning a team that matched Manchester United's 4-2-3-1, a belt defense and two midfielders, but with their top four attacking players, all on the pitch at the same time, and all they seemed to be having fun again. Finally, being able to manage a game while it is happening and managing its players (Frank Lampard does very well), and tactical acumen, count for much more than being familiar with the locker room and having fifteen-year winning stories. or twenty years old.
Paul in Brussels (trying to follow Steve's recommendations, Los Angeles)

Klopp / Ole
There was a noise coming from a certain section of Man Utd fans asking Ole to have the same time as Jurgen Klopp to prove himself.

Ignoring the insanity of the above suggestion based on the chasm in the experience of the two managers, the previous track record and the clear evidence of progression in their current roles as reasons why Klopp was and Ole should not have time, comparing it with a manager. Liverpool is …


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