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How about a dose of feline cuteness against the low mood of the coronavirus?

by ace
How about a dose of feline cuteness against the low mood of the coronavirus?

THE Internet was in the atmosphere of Ancient Egypt: striking eyeliner, obsession with cats, writing through drawings and worshiping politicians as if they were gods. Amid a forced quarantine due to the pandemic of coronavirus, netizens created the hashtag #GatoAwards to express all the love for the felines and exalt their beauty.

I will have to expose my Oliver here yes #gatoawards pic.twitter.com/RynD40UD0R

– CarolGri (@ falliing4u) March 24, 2020

finally an award that represents me #gatoawards pic.twitter.com/8nXICWNuZG

– fred (@fredreadit) March 24, 2020

The timeline was invaded by the most varied images of kittens

if i am alive it is to praise the beauty of my cats, cuz cuz they are too perfect#gatoawards pic.twitter.com/E1SL5bLme0

– ʝúɦ ⁷ (@_onlypurple_) March 24, 2020

Marina and Duduzinho! #gatoawards pic.twitter.com/dBooOIe6bt

– Diva Depression (@DivaDepressao) March 24, 2020

There were cats of all colors.
Black Cats

I want to play too
I present to the world: Velvet#gatoawards pic.twitter.com/btNMDYYY71

– Patriotss (@vihpatriota_) March 24, 2020

I couldn't miss the opportunity to show off my beautiful son DaVinci#gatoawards pic.twitter.com/vRv8rxO7N2

– Anaaninhanão (@ sant_4n4) March 24, 2020

White cats

I definitely have to put the photos of Cristal here#gatoawards pic.twitter.com/ivHX1tzVGU

– Vini das luzinhas on pc (@Vini_Orlandi) March 24, 2020

#GATOAWARDS Snow the most gentle and friendly cat in the house pic.twitter.com/eUv5yImwuI

– loving lio fotia and cock thymos (@reddishcanlie) March 24, 2020


The wave is this now#gatoawards pic.twitter.com/LVDLE9Boxk

– ゴ ド イ ♨️ (@Godoooyyy) March 25, 2020

Orange cats, why so beautiful?

a cute kitten that sleeps too much, would you like it? ✌ #gatoawards pic.twitter.com/nwuoaSgYld

– julia⁷ (@carskth) March 25, 2020

he is very tumblr he

Caramel ♥ ️#GatoAwards pic.twitter.com/ziO24D9z7i

– Ackerman (@dudsforyou) March 24, 2020

a model cat so you don’t have #gatoawards pic.twitter.com/DHsmLKh3uu

– nanda coupista (@tfjeweI) March 24, 2020

And what about the brindle?

the mingyu I speak so much #gatoawards pic.twitter.com/99rg5pRyZL

– kim ceo (@vmgyus) March 24, 2020

Just because my Lola is very beautiful, photogenic and deserves a lot of cookies! #gatoawards pic.twitter.com/PltYP9Hmns

– Bia (@SantaritaBia) March 25, 2020

The tricolors are unanimous in the feline beauty

Finally one that I can post KKKKKKKK #GatoAwards pic.twitter.com/b5uMBL2IS6

– Dila Geliebte️‍⃤ (@DilaGeliebte) March 24, 2020

yes, Maya only takes conceptual photos #gatoawards pic.twitter.com/x3TtTNI9vE

– Ackerman (@dudsforyou) March 24, 2020

Not everyone knows, but practically all cats with tricolor coats are female.

In the #GatoAwards there was the classic Siamese

zarinha goes from #GatoAwards pic.twitter.com/l8I0G5BUbN

– #gointz (@lauraccin) March 24, 2020

Had stylish cat

this one definitely wins the #gatoawards pic.twitter.com/tZIK15Azw0

– tired naruto (@konohadobr) March 24, 2020

and stay with this kid I love ❤️❤️❤️
#gatoawards pic.twitter.com/DLfAE4WvL7

– alexia˙˙⛩️ (@kiunsthunder) March 24, 2020

marlon asked p participates in the #GatoAwards pic.twitter.com/okG570Hc2C

– RAP and talking (@rapfalando) March 24, 2020

and had politicized cat

Chico, close friends Francisco, 3 years old, bisexual, liberal left, animal lover mainly insects and birds #gatoawards pic.twitter.com/y21fcKxdPW

– carai hand wash (@caioest) March 24, 2020

Had cat with heterochromatic eyes, that is, one of each color

The cutest of all passing through your timeline #gatoawards pic.twitter.com/6HbISMrcyQ

– Mariany (@marybertolini) March 25, 2020

MDS has arrived its time daughter WILL SHINE!#gatoawards pic.twitter.com/snwzRDMliu

– BRO (@ Larissa80330806) March 24, 2020

Had happy cat

#gatoawards take this model, even have a spontaneous smile for ft bro pic.twitter.com/j2geLybI2G

– ~ ♡ block of everything (@Seokjinakk) March 24, 2020

Think of a beautiful smile … #gatoawards pic.twitter.com/CS774mn8w7

– ♱♱ (@ AlienM1gr4u2) March 24, 2020

There was a very cute kitten

And we are going from a younger participant. 14 days. #gatoawards pic.twitter.com/iX6tAYy6lb

– tãotristetãosexy (@rapharms) March 25, 2020

And kittens with special needs

special kitten passing on the timeline passing on your timeline !!! ❤ #GatoAwards pic.twitter.com/bXALCFjfw3

– bruninha ‍♀️ (@onedstanx) March 24, 2020

This is Belinha she lost her front legs at 3 months in an accident and now my little xodizinho and of course I had to show her the love she is #gatoawards pic.twitter.com/iUoJ7GV9mw

– Crazy Cats (@ Marcell59245010) March 24, 2020

And cat with talent for modeling

#gatoawards unique chance to expose chesy, who still poses for the fts ❤ pic.twitter.com/emdDA2lSNm

– Aninha (@flaviinha_C_S) March 24, 2020

There was no lack of conceptual photos

I believe my cat is able to participate in the #gatoawards pic.twitter.com/IiyjIZxFur

– deep (@bmgseo) March 24, 2020

And cute videos


Strong scenes, loan sharks demolishing a debt home.

Until when Brazil ???? pic.twitter.com/hlzULZZ5Xe

– Fish with legs (@BestAdvogado) March 24, 2020

Anyway, todinho love of my life ❤️ #GatoAwards pic.twitter.com/JoYfQbjCRV

– everyone wants the life a cat has (@ Vanessa_l96) March 24, 2020

There was a confused owner

#GatoAwards yes i live with 8 black cats in an apartment and i don't know who is who pic.twitter.com/Wkj8wILXkQ

– Liz # BMTH8 (@bringmetheliza) March 24, 2020

And kitten looking for a human to call his own


And they are for adoption, BH region !! pic.twitter.com/hu1W9qYC9T

– iza é mimi (@IzaACruel) March 24, 2020

The #GatoAwards tag was successful and helped to make the timeline a little lighter, in this very troubled moment of humanity.

#gatoawards the only award that really matters pic.twitter.com/jQzeEZJjIg

– edna moda egirl (@juuuuIli) March 24, 2020


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