Home lifestyle "Hollywood Superman": Christopher Dennis is found dead at 52


"Hollywood Superman": Christopher Dennis is found dead at 52

by ace
"Hollywood Superman": Christopher Dennis is found dead at 52

Christopher Dennis, a street performer famous for cosplaying Superman for over 25 years, died over the weekend. The information is from TMZ.

According to the website, Dennis, 52, was found last Saturday in the San Fernando Valley, California. He was in a trash used for clothes donations.

Authorities believe the artist, who did not have a fixed home, was trying to get clothes for himself. Sources tell TMZ that investigators do not believe in the possibility of a crime.

The performer usually performed at the touristy Hollywood Boulevard in downtown Los Angeles. After two decades of cosplaying, he was robbed and nearly died. Because of the incident, he lost a lot of money and started living on the street.

It was thanks to friends and internet funding campaigns that he was able to buy a new Superman uniform and went back to work.

Dennis, who based his uniform on Christopher Reeve's version of the hero, starred in the documentary Confessions of a Superhero and has appeared on Jimmy Kimmel's show several times.

"I'm the first character to do this in Hollywood," he told the The guardian in 2017. "I had an idea while I was a waiter. These people I was attending said how much I look like Christopher Reeve or Superman. So I put on an outfit. They loved it."



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