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Hold on, buddy! App plays the role of coach to combat premature ejaculation

by ace
Hold on, buddy! App plays the role of coach to combat premature ejaculation

Character used in the promotion of the app (Disclosure)


With these three characters, anyone can destroy a man's self-esteem in bed.

Not that it is unfair, quite the contrary. A study by the Dutch University of Utrecht showed that men take an average of 5:20 minutes to reach orgasm. Women in heterosexual situations, on the other hand, need 13:20 minutes, according to recent Indian research. It's almost three times as much. As a rule, the girls keep asking themselves if it's over, even when they don't pass the questioning on to the guy next door. And, as sexologist and columnist here at UOL Regina Navarro Lins points out: this has been going on for a long time.

Until the 1960s, sex in cassados ​​was done in the dark, under the covers, and it was common for women to never allow their husbands to see them naked. And, therefore, female orgasm was not even considered.

– Regina Navarro Lins (@reginanavarro) February 5, 2020

Well, once again technology appears to try to lend a hand and make less women stay, well, in hand. O app (available to Android is for iOS) and Google Chrome extension, Pea aims to make guys last longer in bed.

The internet is full of magical solutions to make faces not end so quickly. In the last few months, I ignored them all because sex is health and no one should be getting a prescription outside the office; Pea, on the other hand, I am recommending for a very simple reason: it only serves to get to know you better. No medication or formula involved.

The concept is very simple: you open the app or extension when you are ready to train. After that, set a goal: how much do you want to take? 3 minutes? 7? 13:20? Just enter any number. A countdown will begin.

Hold on, buddy! App plays the role of coach to combat premature ejaculation

Countdown (Press Release / Pea)

The goal is for you to get there only after the timer runs out. Failed? Smoothly. Press the button that stops counting. It doesn't matter if you stayed 3 hours or 3 seconds, the system will leave the value linked to your profile. No one can see, it's yours.

As you try more times, the system creates a graph that shows how long you lasted each time. For you to get a little better how you work.

Hold on, buddy! App plays the role of coach to combat premature ejaculation

Application graph shows evolution of user performance (Disclosure / Pea)

Pea also has small classes that give you tips on how to last longer. These are simple things: pay attention to the sensations you have before you come, to be able to read what will happen before you actually roll, use your breath to control your heartbeat (and your level of arousal) and things like that. Trying won't hurt you. Even if it doesn't work for you, it is still a way of getting to know yourself. The first class is below and the others are available at their YouTube channel. As the video is in English, if you don't speak the language of the Yankees, just activate the automatic subtitles (click on the gear, then in Subtitles> Automatically translate> Portuguese)

The app, however, sins in its final moments. After closing the timer he gives suggestions on how to help you last longer. Among them there is the suggestion of sprays that delay the moment of orgasm, for example. Here I leave my appeal: IGNORE THIS PART OF THE TOOL. Do not use anything without first seeing a urologist or sex therapist.

In Brazil, one in three men have premature ejaculation, according to the Brazilian Society of Urology. There is no shame in that. Shame is settling in the situation, not seeking help and constantly hearing the same question: Now?

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