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He is Trying to Get Fire Victims Paid. He Has to Find Them First.

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He is Trying to Get Fire Victims Paid. He Has to Find Them First.

Foreman, 22, was hired by Kasolas to help spread the word about filing complaints. She spent the day taping pamphlets in pizza boxes at the Red Lion Pizza in Magalia, north of Paradise, and handing others over to churches and agencies, hoping that this would lead to yet another person filing a complaint.

But time is short and a bigger problem persists.

"We know there was a significant displacement after the fire – people had to move," said Steven Skikos, a court-appointed lawyer to represent the victims' interests. "But we don't know the details of who ended up where. That's a real problem."

A Chico State analyst provided Mr. Kasolas with a map produced from information from the United States Postal Service, showing that fire victims had moved to almost every state, with significant groups in the Pacific Northwest, Arizona, Texas and Tennessee. But the map does not provide addresses.

For its part, PG&E said it employed a broad campaign to ensure that forest fire victims received information about complaints, including newspapers, magazines, radio, social media and digital advertisements. The utility sent emails to about four million customers and mailed request forms to over six million customers.

"We consider this to be the most robust observation effort in bankruptcy history, including dissemination through national publications," said Paul Moreno, spokesman for PG&E.

Sometimes, however, the problem of filing a complaint is more of a process issue.

Rosemary Peterson had traveled from Magalia for the Paradise Alliance Church food offering when she saw the table with information about filing a complaint.

Peterson, 88, tried to file a complaint online but struggled to complete it on his own. Although his home survived the campfire, the smoke damage required some restoration. The trees in her yard died. And your friends and neighbors spread out.


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