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Have you ever imagined traveling to the moon on vacation? This is closer than it looks.

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Do you know that old childhood dream of being an astronaut that was exchanged for the idea of ​​becoming a soccer player? It is very likely that it will return to fashion.

We are many, and because of the capitalist model and exaggerated consumerism, we are destroying the planet, destroying natural resources and consequently making the Earth uninhabitable.

Thus, space has increasingly become a real escape and restart option for the human race.

Old Space X New Space

Okay .. I know it's looking a lot like a science fiction story, but since man's first trip to the moon, a lot has changed, including space and our needs. The old and the new space exploration are completely different.

The old woman understood the dispute between countries and her goals were basically research, status, power and security. Space was a medium little explored and based entirely on public institutions and their interests, with high costs and much risk.

Today, space exploration is totally different. With the advancement of technology, it has become "cheaper" and less risky to do missions to the moon, Mars, or voyages to Earth's orbit. Different – and much – than it was, we have an economic model driven by entrepreneurs and private companies. Your goal is simple: new features and profit.

We move from that little-explored medium to the development of what I risk being the 6th Industrial Revolution – space as our tool for evolution and survival.

Business in space

Business in space has barely started, but we already have a billion dollar market valued today at $ 323 billion. And I know many will say, "But only NASA already moves half of that." Mistake! NASA accounts for only 13% of this amount, while 11% is from other government agencies and 76% is from private companies!

The private space market operates in various areas such as tourism, colonization, bioengineering, health, infrastructure and so on.

Very cool! But so what are these companies and businesses?

One is Virgin Galactic, headed by entrepreneurial giant Richard Branson. She is an astronautics company that markets a flight that goes to the stratosphere and back, and another that goes around our blue planet aboard its spaceship. For the $ 200,000 trifle you can be one of the privileged with this experience.

Still in the tourism territory, Bigelow Aerospace promises for 2021 the inauguration of its first space hotels. That's what I call room with a view!

Musk may be the one who has been driving colonization off Earth the most. His company, SpaceX, is currently delivering space cargo in orbit, and of the company's 84 missions, only 4 have failed – not badly. In addition, Musk believes that we will need to live on Mars in the near future, so it is focused on colonizing the planet.

Another amazing market is about bioengineering experiments. Space Pharma is an Israeli company that uses space to do zero-gravity testing of disease, medicine, bacteria in an environment where viruses develop much faster and bring solutions to Earth.

The space infrastructure area has one of my favorite companies, Made in Space. She created a 3D printer that can print objects in zero gravity.

But why do I find it so amazing? This process facilitates years of logistics and planning for the construction, implementation and repair of "anything" in space. Imagine the need for a satellite repair was detected and astronauts don't have the right tool out there in space? Made in Space can print this object and solve the space drama.

Do you understand the zillions of possibilities that open up? How many new areas, markets, jobs, specializations, utilities and materials that will emerge from this new and little explored universe ?! These examples are current and just the beginning. Space economics is already an absolutely incredible reality and that is not even half of what we will still follow. Sci-fi lovers are worth the wait!

And as Buzz Lightyear said, "To infinity and beyond!"


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