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Harry, Meghan trademark ‘Sussex Royal’ brand

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Harry, Meghan trademark 'Sussex Royal' brand

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have registered the "Sussex Royal" trademark in dozens of products and services, including clothing and magazines.

The trademark application was published in the United Kingdom. Intellectual Property Office Website on December 20th. The request was filed in June.

The brand includes stationery and books, clothing, promotional material, education, training and social services, among more than 100 items.

A section covering printed material includes newspapers, teaching materials and periodicals.

Covered clothes include shoes, sportswear, sweatshirts and pajamas.

Although the scope of social campaigns and initiatives includes scholarships, health and wellness training and counseling services, among others.

The move has sparked speculation in the British press about whether the duke and duchess are turning their brand into a global empire.

The Sussex Royal brand is already used on your Instragram account, followed by nearly 10 million users.

By protecting your trademark, Sussex may be able to take legal action for copyright infringement on counterfeit materials.

The Office of Intellectual Property shows that the Sussex are represented by lawyers Harbottle & Lewis.

CTVNews.ca contacted Royals to comment.

Harry and Meghan and their seven month old son, Archie, are in Canada for the holiday.

Before marrying Harry, Markle lived in Toronto for seven years while working as an actress on the Suits TV drama.



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