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Guardiola pinpoints why Liverpool dominated Man City this season

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Guardiola pinpoints why Liverpool dominated Man City this season

Publish Date: Thursday 25 June 2020 11:00

Pep Guardiola offered congratulations to Liverpool after their first Premier League title victory and pointed out a difference in mentality as a deciding factor between the difference between the two teams.

On a pulsating night at Stamford Bridge, Liverpool were crowned Premier League champions after Man City succumbed to a 2-1 defeat at Chelsea.

The defeat was largely due to City's defensive weaknesses.

Chelsea's two goals were scored with a friendly hand from the City team and, no matter how hard they tried, their fearsome line of attack could only surpass a given Chelsea team.

Speaking in his post-match interview about the game, Guardiola said: “In terms of the game, we play well.

“There is not much pressure on the box. But we generally play a good game, but our mistakes…

Regarding the recently crowned champion Liverpool, Guardiola congratulated him and pointed out a different mentality regarding the games as the difference between the two sides this year.

"Congratulations to Liverpool for this great season," he added.

See how all the Stamford Bridge events went through the F365 score here.

“We still have five or six weeks to play, but we have won a lot in recent years and, of course, we want to close the gap.

“After two seasons, the difference is big. We were not consistent as in previous seasons.

“Liverpool won the Champions League and gained confidence. They played every game as if it were their last game. In the beginning, we didn't play like that.

"We cannot forget that we are still in second place in the championship, so we are better than many teams."


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