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Greta Thunberg calls for participation in Madrid's "climate strike"

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Greta Thunberg calls for participation in Madrid's "climate strike"

Young Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg, who arrives on Tuesday in Lisbon, called on Monday for participation on Friday in the "climate strike" in Madrid, Spain, where the climate summit (COP25) began today. .

The appeal, which extends to protests in other cities, is made in an opinion article published on the Social Europe portal, which publishes comments and analyzes on political, economic and social issues.

"Show your community, the fossil fuel industry and your political leaders that they will no longer tolerate inaction and climate change," urged Greta Thunberg, who heads the article with young German activists Luisa Neubauer and Spain's Angela Valenzuela. .

According to climate advocates, "science screams for urgent action" that the rulers "dare to ignore."

"So we continue to fight," they emphasize, noting that the "climate crisis" is not only related to the environment, but also a "crisis of human rights, justice and political will."

To the political leaders who travel to Madrid, where it will be held until December 13 at COP25, leave a message: "The eyes of all future generations are upon you, act accordingly."

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