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GNR operation. Third day without dead on Portuguese roads

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GNR operation. Third day without dead on Portuguese roads

Operation Christmas and New Year recorded the third day without deaths on the roads. According to the GNR, from December 20 to the end of Thursday, more than 3,000 road accidents occurred, causing 10 deaths and 53 serious injuries.

During the operation, which only ends next Sunday, 822 minor injuries were also accounted for.

Under this operation, 66,081 vehicles were inspected by the end of Thursday, and 20,688 violations were recorded.

The guard's military detected 503 drivers with a crime rate of 1.2 g / l or greater.

In its area of ​​intervention, GNR registered 8,821 cases of speeding, 604 cases of mobile phone use and 487 infractions for lack of use of seat belts and restraint systems.

GNR's "Christmas and New Year" operation began on December 20, with increased road patrol on the country's busiest roads to prevent accidents and ensure smooth traffic.

For the operation, which ends on January 5, the GNR mobilizes about 4,600 military personnel from the National Transit Unit and Territorial Commands daily.

During the operation, the corporation's military is "particularly alert" to speeding, dangerous maneuvering, overtaking, changing direction and giving way, using the mobile phone while driving, not driving on the right-hand lane on freeways and itineraries. main and complementary features and use of seat belts.

On Thursday and at a press conference, the president of the National Road Safety Authority (ANSR) took stock of the operations that PSP and GNR are doing during the Christmas and New Year period, adding that they were recorded between December 18 and January 1, 15 fatalities.

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