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Gaia installs sunscreen dispensers in city buildings

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Gaia installs sunscreen dispensers in city buildings

The Municipality of Vila Nova de Gaia and the Portuguese Association of Skin Cancer decided to promote actions on care with sun exposure, said the council, which installed sunscreen dispensers in various spaces.

Equipment containing sunscreen resembles soap dispensers like most of the restrooms, but in spaces such as the Municipal Workshops, the Biological Park, the Firefighters, the Municipal Police, or the Madalena Shipyard. accompanied by a package leaflet.

"Use sunscreen cream, take care of your health" is the campaign's motto whose objective, described to the Lusa agency the Vila Nova de Gaia Chamber, district of Porto, aims "to ensure the welfare of workers, preventing disease reducing the effects of overexposure to ultraviolet rays. "

The measure covers about 900 workers, but the municipality said it planned to install sunscreen dispensers in the county's kindergartens for use by educational assistants and sociocultural animators, as well as the Animal Rehabilitation Center.

"The objective is to guarantee the safety, health and working conditions of municipal employees, considering the occupational risks to which they are subjected. In this sense, it was decided to equip the places where the workers mostly perform outdoor functions, with sunscreen dispensers SPF50 ", it reads in council information.

The partnership with the Portuguese Association of Skin Cancer has already included the placement of 'mupis' in the beach areas, in order to alert people to care for the sun, and screenings were organized by the Aguda Health Unit in partnership with the Águas de Gaia Municipal Company and the Department of Environmental Education.

In the educational area, under the Gaia Aprende + Summer Vacation Municipal Project, 2,000 children received a book of educational activities entitled "Play and Learn with Zé Pintas".



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