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'Friends' 25 Years: 5 Big Plot Mistakes in the Series

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'Friends' 25 Years: 5 Big Plot Mistakes in the Series

The multiple replays of 'Friends' on TV allow fans to find a handful of plot errors. The BBC has listed some of them.

'Friends' is one of the few series that has managed to maintain a high audience even after so long of its official closing.

September 22nd marked the 25th anniversary of its debut. Still, thousands of people around the world continue to watch one of the most famous series in the history of television.

For those who don't know, Friends tells the adventures of a group of friends: Rachel Green (played by Jennifer Aniston), Ross Geller (David Schwimmer), Monica Geller (Courteney Cox), Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry), Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc ) and Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow).

But perhaps only a minority of fans have noticed any errors or inconsistencies in the plot of the series.

Of course, many series and movies have the same kind of flaws – and some are even more serious.

The downside of Friends is that its creators didn't count on countless replays from the series around the world. Therefore, these errors are much easier to spot for those who repeatedly devour friends of group adventures.

On the occasion of this 25th anniversary, the BBC made a list of five of the most impressive plot errors or flaws in the series … although you certainly know others.

1 – Rachel's long pregnancy

The science is not precise about how long a pregnancy can last, although the average is nine months, as we all know. Sometimes they last less or a little longer, but … a year?

In Friends, it took Rachel 12 months to give birth to her daughter Emma, ​​the result of a sporadic encounter with Ross.

This failure may be hard to see if you watch the episodes in no specific order, but in the original viewing order there is no doubt about the problem.

Rachel discovered her pregnancy after taking a test days before Monica and Chandler's wedding, which took place at the end of season seven in May 2001.

However, the series indicates that the episode in which Rachel spent hours in hospital until giving birth occurred in May 2002, at the end of season eight and one year after the onset of pregnancy.

Apparently no one had noticed this date problem until a Reddit forum user wrote about it.

2 – Doubtful Dates of Birth

In addition to the prolonged pregnancy, astrologers might also find Rachel a unique case in the world.

Turns out in one episode, Rachel tells Gunther – the manager of the Central Perk cafe – that her birthday is May 5th.

However, in the chapter where a police officer for the car she drives next to Ross, the agent asks Rachel for her identification and smiles when he sees that the date of birth indicates she is from the Aquarius sign.

There is something wrong with the fact that those who belong to this sign are born between January 20th and February 18th – not May 5th, which she gave earlier.

So either Rachel lied to Gunther to avoid being surprised on her royal birthday, or the policeman is not very knowledgeable about horoscopes and used a strategy to respond to Rachel's flirtation to try (and get) to avoid a ticket.

She is not the only one with trouble remembering her date of birth. In different episodes, Ross mentions that his birthday is in October and December. To make matters worse, for several seasons he repeated that he was 29 years old.

3 – When Rachel and Chandler met (several times)

Of course, the group of friends had their first meeting at Central Perk, the coffee shop where they spent most of their lives on the show.

In the first chapter, Rachel arrived at the wedding dress after breaking up and reunited with Monica, her former teenage friend.

Introducing the rest of her friends, Rachel only knew Ross, Monica's brother, who had always been secretly in love with her.

The funny thing is that throughout the series we find that Rachel and Chandler had known each other before this first meeting.

This is discovered thanks to the countless flashbacks of the series, where we see how, years ago, the pair had been together at various Thanksgiving dinners at the home of their friends Monica and Ross. There is also a party where Rachel and Chandler even end up kissing.

But it wasn't their only "first date": in an episode of season three, they remember what their lives were like three years earlier. In the story, the two appear together in a bar before they "met" at Central Perk.

4 – Phoebe's brother, who had already appeared in the series

Another case of characters who have seen and seemed to not know each other is starring Phoebe and Frank. This error may be even more serious considering that they were brothers.

In the second season episode where Phoebe first sang her big misunderstood hit Smelly Cat, a young man leaves her a condom.

A year later, Phoebe finds herself with a stepbrother, her father's son. He was an eccentric young man who likes to "burn things" and would end up having triplets with his wife.

Yes, your brother is the same young man from the condom scene. But of course, in the series there was never a mention that the two characters had ever met before.

Did they just not recognize each other or was it a directional failure to use the same actor?

The explanation behind this apparent error is simple. The show's managers hired actor Giovanni Ribisi as a freelancer of sorts. But they enjoyed his first performance so much that they later decided to offer him a more present character – Phoebe's brother.

5 – Change of apartment numbers

It's easy for any fan to recognize the violet-walled apartment Rachel and Monica shared during the early seasons, right in front of where Chandler and Joey lived.

Recognizing the interiors of both apartments is simple, but it might not be so easy to identify them if you had to look for them by climbing the stairs of the building.

Did you never notice that the protagonists lived in apartments 4 and 5 at the beginning of the series and then moved to 19 and 20?

It doesn't seem to make much sense considering that the houses were still the same, but the creators of the series acknowledged that the change in apartment numbers was a plot necessity.

Logic indicates that apartments 4 and 5 would probably be on the ground floor of the building. This would prevent the protagonists from having scenes on the terrace of Rachel and Monica's house, such as those in which they spied on their neighbor, the mysterious "naked and ugly man."


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