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French secret agents have spied on China

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JN / Agencies

Today at 17:04

Two former French secret agents, suspected of collaborating with Chinese services, are on trial on Monday.

Pierre-Marie H. and Henri M. are accused of “providing information to a foreign power”, “attacking the fundamental interests of the nation” and “spying on a foreign power”. The two men worked for the General Directorate for Foreign Security (DGSE), the French espionage service, and could be sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Former officers were indicted and provisionally detained in December 2017, when they were already retired. Pierre-Marie H. was later released under judicial surveillance. His wife, Laurence H., will also be tried for “cover-up”.

They will appear before a special court, composed only of professional magistrates. But this highly sensitive case is likely to be tried in camera due to the risks of disclosing classified information.

When it was revealed in May 2018, French authorities spoke of a case of “extreme gravity”. The two defendants are “suspected of having committed acts that could be classified as acts of treason (…) and of jeopardizing national defense secrets,” said Defense Minister Florence Parly.

The verdict will be announced on July 10.


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