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France refuses Edward Snowden's asylum application

by ace
France refuses Edward Snowden's asylum application

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said on Thursday there was no reason for the country to offer asylum to the computer systems analyst, who published confidential US documents and was accused of spying.

In 2013, Le Drian reminded CNews, the French Government received a request and decided it was “not the time” to grant it to the former US security agency official, the NSA.

Government opinion has not changed, the minister stressed. François Hollande was then President

The governor's remarks came after Snowden on Monday told France Inter radio that he would “love” the French President to grant him asylum.

In the same interview, he stressed that “protecting whistleblowers is not a hostile act” and that he considered himself entitled to protection from France. "Receiving someone like me is not an attack on the United States," said the former analyst, who currently lives in exile in Russia to avoid legal action by the US government.

The weekend before Snowden's remarks, French Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet defended the granting of political asylum to Snowden, but made it clear that it was a personal opinion rather than an official invitation.



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