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Five Star Trek: Picard technologies that we would like to see in real life

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Five Star Trek: Picard technologies that we would like to see in real life

New in the catalog on Amazon Prime Video, the Star Trek: Picard series marks the return of a more popular and long-lived sci-fi franchise, now centered on the figure of Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart), admiral of the USS Enterprise on Journey in Stars: The New Generation and that had last appeared in the cinema, in the long Jornada nas Estrelas: Nemesis, released in the distant 2002.

With an episode released to date, the new adventure takes place around the year 2400, in a context in which man has managed to stop — at least partially, climate change and has new concerns. One is to deal with the advancement of new technologies, which many would like to see materialized today. Below are five of them, which could make our daily lives much easier.

Flying car

One of the oldest dreams of science fiction is the basic means of locomotion of Star Trek: Picard. Flying cars – as well as drones – are everywhere, especially in cities, where they even form congestion in the air.

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Food replicator

Refrigerator is a thing of the past. In 2040, in the world imagined by Star Trek, you will be able to access your food from a device that materializes the food from a menu that you pre-define on a screen, with options from red wine to vanilla milk shake.

reproduction Image: Reproduction

"Mobile" projecting "screen"

The series shows a device, similar to a cell phone, in which it is possible to make video calls using a very thin projected screen, a kind of high definition hologram and "touchscreen". Say goodbye to the tiny cell phone keyboards that hinder typing. Television, by the way, no longer exists as we know it, being replaced by similar screens.

reproduction Image: Reproduction

"Human Robot"

Another old desire of the human being, this one more controversial and with ethical and religious implications: to produce a perfect android version of the human being, a synthetic person of flesh and blood inside and out. A kind of clone produced in the laboratory, but out of nowhere ". What we would do with them is yet another important issue to be discussed.

reproduction Image: Reproduction


Imagine traveling and getting around giving up your physicality. This is one of the technologies most loved by followers of Star Trek, present since the classic series of the 1960s, and it is back in Picard. The tour is made by an official from the Starfleet archive – part of it quantum -, apparently not human, to the delight of fans.

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