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Facebook suspends tens of thousands of apps

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Facebook suspends tens of thousands of apps

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Applications have been associated with about 400 developers.

Facebook says it has suspended tens of thousands of applications as part of an investigation launched after the Cambridge Analytica data collection scandal.

Suspended applications have been associated with about 400 developers.

Facebook said not all apps pose a threat to users.

The company came under heavy pressure in 2018 after it was revealed that Cambridge Analytica had accessed data from many users without permission.

The political consulting firm claims to have used this data – collected by a personality questionnaire – to direct political advertising.

Facebook was fined $ 5 billion in July by the US Federal Trade Commission in what was believed to be the largest fine ever imposed on any company for violating consumer privacy.

Why is Facebook suspending apps?

The Cambridge Analytica scandal involving data from tens of millions of people has been extremely damaging to Facebook, and since then the company has faced international lawsuits and criticism.

Now, seek to improve your privacy safeguards and your image.

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As part of this, last March, Facebook launched an app investigation into its platform, involving hundreds of lawyers, data scientists and engineers.

"Our analysis helps us better understand patterns of abuse in order to eradicate bad actors among developers," The company's vice president for product partnerships, Ime Archibong, said in a statement on Friday.

Facebook suspends tens of thousands of apps

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How the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica Data Scandal Unfolded

What do we know about apps?

Facebook has released little specific information about the tens of thousands of apps or hundreds of developers in question.

The statement said suspending applications was not necessarily an indication that they posed a threat to people.

"Many were not alive, but were still in the testing phase when we suspended them," Archibong said.

In some cases, developers were subjected to in-depth questions after being flagged.

Some apps have been banned completely for reasons such as improper sharing of data obtained on Facebook or making data publicly available without protecting people's identity.

A banned application called myPersonality found information sharing with researchers and companies with limited protections, and then declined to participate in an audit, according to Facebook.

Application review is in progress.

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