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Facebook launches feature that connects people who request or offer help

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Facebook launches feature that connects people who request or offer help

Facebook launched a tool that seeks to connect people in need of help with those offering help during the isolation required by governments due to the new coronavirus.

The company was launched yesterday and they reported that the tool, named "Community Help", is "a place for people to request or offer help to neighbors, as a volunteer to deliver groceries. or donate to a local pantry or fundraiser. "

So far, the Facebook tool is only available in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Australia and Canada – in the latter, the tool will be launched in the coming days. Despite being available in a few countries, the company's idea is to expand the initiative to other places.

In the tool you can select the size of the area you want to see who needs help and who is available to help. There are also filters that you can select the type of post you want to search for and a division by categories. Among the categories are baby supplies, food, information, transportation and volunteer work.

After selecting your filters, Facebook shows a screen with offers of help and requests from what the user has selected. In posts, as well as in normal Facebook accounts, the user can choose whether the post is "public" or is visible only to "friends of friends" or "friends".

It is also possible to select whether the user wants to be contacted by Messenger, Facebook's own chat tool, or if he prefers contact via WhatsApp.

In the tool it is also possible to find a panel that helps the user to find institutions or to donate resources to places that need them. Facebook itself has already set aside about R $ 100 million (US $ 20 million) to match donations to two funds dedicated to fighting the covid-19.


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