Home lifestyle Fabio Porchat appears à la Borat in ‘suruba online’ of Porta dos Fundos


Fabio Porchat appears à la Borat in ‘suruba online’ of Porta dos Fundos

by ace
Fabio Porchat appears à la Borat in 'suruba online' of Porta dos Fundos

In times of quarantine of the Coronavirus, it was left to the majority of the population to settle for what is within reach of the virtual, a screen away. That’s what back door plays in a video posted today. In it, Fabio Porchat with a snag dug steals the scene, in which generated many funny comments from YouTube and Twitter.

The skew plays a “suruba online”, with six friends meeting in a video call to, say, play a little. Of course, the thing’s off.

One of the moments that caught the attention of the spectators was Fabio Porchat showing almost everything. At one point, he comes up with a swimwear à la Borat – that green one, which goes from the private parts to the shoulders – and the pubic hair from the outside.

“The definitions of ‘your content is inappropriate for YouTube’ have been updated,” joked one young man in the video’s comments. “Porchat, the Brazilian Borat,” said another.

“I give 10 minutes to YouTube to demonetize this video. Very obscene, I liked it, it does more,” said a third.

The video also featured Rafael Portugal, Evelyn Castro, Noemia Oliveira, João Vicente de Castro and Thati Lopes – each on a level of silliness in the squeeze.

To top it off, the scene of the credits also caught the eye, when the suruba changes to the Whatsapp and they start exchanging messages from dirty figurines. “Who else slowed down to see all the stickers?” laughed one person in the comments.

See more reactions:

my god this video of the back door of the suruba, I’ll never get back from that

— I’m going to eat your cake (@pqpvcs) June 27, 2020

The last video of the back door is to break the youtube, q fucking was this porchat

— Mader (@mader1_2) June 27, 2020

Who has not tried to zoom in on porchat (at the time of the slope) throw the first stone!

— Eliane (@eliane_etc) June 27, 2020

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