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Ex-Man Utd man recalls how Fergie was ‘fuming’ after ‘Pizzagate’

by ace
Ex-Man Utd man recalls how Fergie was ‘fuming’ after ‘Pizzagate’

Publish Date: Monday 25 May 2020 2:00

Former Man Utd defender Mikael Silvestre recalled that Sir Alex Ferguson was "absolutely furious" after Cesc Fabregas threw him a pizza in 2004.

Fabregas has been blamed for the infamous incident after a heated game between Arsenal and Man Utd in October 2004.

The Red Devils ended Arsenal's 49-game Premier League unbeaten run with a 2-0 win, after which players and coaches clashed in the tunnel.

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Ferguson was hit in the face by pizza during fights, with the Scotsman once saying that "to this day, I have no idea who is to blame".

Martin Keown once said he was the midfielder – "he was a Spanish guy with great technique" – and Fabregas confirmed the rumors in 2017.

"We beat Arsenal to end unbeaten," said Silvestre FourFourTwo Magazine. “We thought, 'There is no way they can reach 50 at Old Trafford. No way.

“This was a great motivation for us. The consequences of that game were crazy, with pizza flying and everyone pushing and insulting each other in the tunnel.

“The flight attendants and security guards ended up having to separate everyone. It was not a very good time. You want to fight on the field, but in a soccer fight, not in a fight! Sometimes spirits go far beyond the football field. "

Silvestre added: “With the pizza, it was thrown over a group of guys pushing each other and landed on Ferguson. He was absolutely irritated by this.

“Nobody knew exactly where it came from, but then I heard it was Cesc Fabregas. It was a childish act for him, but he was very young at that time.

"When I moved to Arsenal in 2008, I said to Fabregas:" I knew it was you! "He admitted.

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