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‘Everyone in Panic’: Marlon Wayans calls Weinstein brothers ‘evil’

by ace

Twenty years after the start of the “Everybody In Panic” franchise, Marlon Wayans spoke to Variety magazine about his experience working with brothers Bob and Harvey Weinstein, owners of the studio where he produced the films.

“They are not the best people, nor the nicest people, to have as business partners. They are an evil regime, I think. They do what they want and how they want – it can be rude and very disrespectful. We couldn’t reach an agreement. , it was like ‘if you don’t want to pay for the jokes, get someone else’. ‘”

Marlon wrote the script for the first three films with his brother, Shawn Wayans. He remembers when he was fired from the franchise, after writing the script for the third.

“We found out on Christmas Eve that they chose someone else to [“Todo Mundo Em Pânico 3”]. We probably would have been able to sue them, but a part of us was like, ‘all you can do is let us create something new’. I could write a book about it, honestly. They definitely still owe us money, a lot of money. “

Wayans also recalled the criticism the film received at the premiere. He said he didn’t care, because the public liked it.

“People literally filled the corridors, and you could hear laughter from outside the cinema. Like most of our films, the critic hated it. They always hate it, but you know, the comedy is subjective. I don’t say that the critics are right or wrong , but it’s just not their type of comedy. Their job is to criticize. But our audience, 20 years later, is still laughing. We don’t try to make a movie, we try to make a classic. And even if you don’t understand it at the time, it’s something you go back to watching and think ‘man, that was funny’. “


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