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European Council gives 'green light' to new Brexit agreement

by ace
European Council gives 'green light' to new Brexit agreement

The European Council unanimously approved on Thursday the new Brexit agreement signed this morning between the still President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, and the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

The "green light" from the leaders of the Member States dictates the formal submission of the agreement for ratification in the House of Commons, which will meet in an extraordinary session next Saturday to try to approve the agreement after the previous one negotiated by Theresa May. , have been failed three times.

On Twitter, the office of European Council leader Donald Tusk reported that the leaders gave their approval to the agreement in principle on the UK's withdrawal from the European Union, currently scheduled for October 31, within two weeks.

Shortly afterwards, Donald Tusk stated that "the ball is now on the United Kingdom side". On whether this document will be approved by the British MPs, the President of the European Council replied only: "I have no idea what will be the outcome of Saturday's debate in the House of Commons."

At this afternoon's meeting, European leaders asked the EU institutions to ensure that the agreement could be implemented from 1 November, but underlined that they want to maintain "the best possible partnership with the UK in the future".

For now, it is not yet clear whether the British Parliament will approve this new agreement. The Northern Ireland Unionists (DUP), who are part of the Conservative Party's coalition of government led by Boris Johnson, have already assured that they will fail the document. The remaining parties have not yet manifested in one way or another.

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