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Elisa Ferreira with "green light" from the European Parliament

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Elisa Ferreira with "green light" from the European Parliament

Today at 12:14, updated at 12:57

The European Parliament's Committee on Legal Affairs has given the green light to Portugal-appointed Commissioner Elisa Ferreira.

Sources from the European Parliament (EP) reported that the case of Elisa Ferreira "is closed" and that Parliament's Legal Affairs Committee (JURI) will now send a letter to the Committee on Regional Development, which listens to the designated Commissioner, stating that hearing can happen.

The same sources clarified that this means that the Commissioner-designate from Portugal received a "green light" from JURI and that she will be heard on 2 October by the European Assembly's Committee on Regional Development in Brussels at a hearing that will start at 6.30 pm ( at least one hour in mainland Portugal), with the participation of MEPs from the Budget and Economic and Monetary Affairs committees.

Responsible for assessing "potential or actual conflicts of interest of the commissioners-designate" by the elected president of the community executive, Ursula von der Leyen, the Legal Affairs committee had raised questions about Elisa Ferreira on Thursday by the former deputy governor. Banco de Portugal holds shares in the Sonae Group, asking for further clarification.

On the same day, in a statement, the Commissioner-designate's team reported that, "in the light of issues raised regarding the holding of shares of Sonae SGPS", Elisa Ferreira had decided to sell the shares, with an estimated value of 13,800 euros.

"JURI asked me if I could not sell a very small shareholding in a Portuguese company and I, immediately, before the letter (from that committee) arrived had already sold, because in fact I had no interest in that, and if that it was disturbing, okay, "he said on Tuesday in remarks to Portuguese journalists in Brussels.

According to Elisa Ferreira, "it was the only issue that the EP raised" about itself, considering that "scrutiny of people's conflicts of interest is part" of the process and that "it is very good to put things in a clear way".

"It is, in essence, creating the conditions so that if all goes well, the phase that now begins will be a phase in which there is no doubt about what moves people in the course of their duties." Commissioner-designate in the statements after meeting with the President of the European Parliament, David Sassoli.

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