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Ecologists accuse police of stopping demonstration in Madrid

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Ecologists accuse police of stopping demonstration in Madrid

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Ecologists in Action today accused police of stopping a demonstration at the UN climate summit in Madrid (COP25), which ends in the Spanish capital on December 13.

In a statement, released by the Spanish news agency EFE, the organization said police officers had identified two of its activists.

During the second edition of the "Toxic Tour" on Saturday, participants stopped in front of a Banco Santander office to "demonstrate the responsibility of the major banks in the climate crisis" for financing "the most polluting companies." of the world".

It was towards the end of this stop that the police identified one member of the organization and a "Gastivistas" activist, according to the statement, adding that police officers ordered participants to disperse "under the threat of identification of all present and sanction. not notified concentration ".

Sources from the Delegation of the Government of Madrid explained to EFE that the demonstration had not been reported and, in this sense, the police action "was correct".

The same sources also indicated that the holding of the Climate Summit does not imply that the legal system can be ignored, noting that numerous activities carried out as a result of this event were reported to the authorities, as required by law.

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