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Donald Trump calls for an end to the 'carnage' at Idlib in Syria

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Donald Trump calls for an end to the 'carnage' at Idlib in Syria

US President Donald Trump urged Russia, Syria and Iran to halt the "carnage" of civilians in the western Syrian province of Idlib, where forces from those countries have intensified bombings since mid-December.

"Russia, Syria and Iran are killing, or are preparing to kill, thousands of innocent civilians in Idlib province. Don't do it," appealed the President of the United States on Twitter, in a message that he hailed. Turkey's effort that said it was "working to end the carnage".

Since 16 December, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's forces, backed by Russian aviation, have intensified bombings in this region and violent ground fighting pits 'jihadists' and rebels despite the ceasefire reached in August.

About 80 civilians were killed in this new escalation of the conflict.

On Tuesday, Ankara announced it was negotiating with Moscow on a new ceasefire at Idlib, while calling for an end to the fighting.

France also called for an "end to the escalation of the conflict", accusing Damascus and its Russian and Iranian allies of "aggravating the humanitarian crisis".

The Idlib region is controlled by Hayat Tahrir al-Cham (HTS) group 'jihadists' and other rebel movements.

The Damascus regime, which controls about 70% of Syrian territory, is determined to regain Idlib.

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