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Doctors at Frederico Varandas' clinic treat Sporting athletes

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Doctors at Frederico Varandas' clinic treat Sporting athletes

Sporting's athletes are treated by doctors at the ComCorpus clinic, which belongs to Frederico Varandas, the current president of the club, according to "Público", this Friday. Sporting's organization chart dictates that there are seven employees of this company, founded in 2015, who share services. The clinic itself is used to treat Sporting athletes.

There are five clinicians in this situation: Nuno Loureiro (Sporting's clinical coordinator), Pedro Pessoa (responsible for the orthopedic surgery of the professional football department of Sprotporting), Nuno Oliveira (orthopedist), Filipe Bettencourt (physiatrist) and Manuel Resente Sousa (orthopedist and doctor the modalities and the Olympic team). There are also two physical therapists: Vasco Cabral and Patrice Sacramento.

Balconies not strange sharing

Frederico Varandas considers the sharing of doctors and physiotherapists to be "normal", as he said, in statements to "Público": "All these doctors work in several places. They do not have exclusivity."

The president of Sporting confirms that the club's athletes are sometimes treated at the clinic, as was already the case during the term of Bruno de Carvalho, who tried to formalize the partnership. Balconies refused:

"When I was Sporting's clinical director, Bruno de Carvalho suggested and insisted that a protocol be made with my clinic, but I rejected the idea. I didn't think it was correct. I told him that I didn't need that and that my clinic could, even so help Sporting. "

Frederico Varandas assures "Público" that Sporting "never paid ComCorpus anything" for the treatment of athletes and that "nothing is billed".

"Never, in five years, has there been a cent paid by Sporting or by an insurance company on behalf of an athlete to the clinic. Zero. I have always offered everything to Sporting. Several athletes recovered at my clinic. The costs were for my clinic", he underlines the lion leader.

No Dragão and no complete curriculum

The case of Nuno Loureiro thickens, since the clinical coordinator of Sporting also works at Clínica do Dragão, at Estádio do Dragão, in Porto, which has a protocol with FC Porto.

"Público" guarantees that this situation has caused unease in Sporting.

Nuno Loureiro's resumes registered with ComCorpus and Clínica do Dragão are different: in the clinic, he does not mention the functions performed in Porto; at Dragão, he does not mention ComCorpus or Sporting.

Frederico Varandas guarantees that he is not aware of these disparities and refers the explanations to Nuno Loureiro himself. Confronted by "Público", the physiotherapist is also surprised.

"I am not the one who controls what is published in the curricula. I do not have exclusivity with any of these clinics. I am doing my job according to my availability and without prejudice to any of these entities", emphasizes Sporting's clinical coordinator.

Advertising deviates from the protocol

According to "Público", Sporting's football players have image rights contracts and are not allowed to advertise a clinic or any other brand with which Sporting has no protocol, unless they receive authorization from the club management for such.

However, as Frederico Varandas himself admits, ComCorpus has already used the image of athletes for advertising purposes. "That's why I understood that I shouldn't be charging anything," explains the Leo president.

Varandas is the managing partner of ComCorpus, with a majority stake of 60% of the capital. Sporting's president assumes that he even considered selling the clinic when he won the elections.

"I did not suspend my duties as managing partner of the clinic because I have not ordered, nor am I a doctor there. Furthermore, the logistics of changing a position in the clinical management is very complicated," he says.



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