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‘Dark’: The questions that the end of the series did not answer

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'Dark': The questions that the end of the series did not answer

The third season of “Dark” beautifully concluded the story of the German Netflix series, with an emotional ending that managed to close the cycle started in the first season. But some questions have gone unanswered – and will likely continue to haunt us for quite some time.

Below, we list some of them. There are, of course, a lot of spoilers ahead, so don’t read if you haven’t finished the season. In the meantime, check out our review of the third season and our interview with Jonas and Martha, both without spoilers!

What happened to Woller’s eye?

Apparently, we will never know. The police officer spent much of the series with an eye patch and almost explained what had happened right at the end, but was interrupted by the light fall caused by a storm.

We will have to continue with this doubt.

I finished Dark and I just wanted to know what happened to Woller’s eye pic.twitter.com/VI52fIPN51

– ✨ (@chaysama_) June 27, 2020

Does Katharina have that name in the world of origin?

Throughout the season, we saw that Katharina’s name was an example of the “Bootstrap paradox”, in which an object exists in time without exactly having an origin.

Hannah, on her trip to the 1950s, took the name Katharina and it was with him that she met Katharina’s mother, Helene. Now, does Katharina continue to be called that in the world of origin? There is no way to be sure, because at no time is her name said after the end.

Who are Helge’s father and Peter’s mother?

“Dark” had already hinted that Helge might not be Bernd Doppler’s biological son, when Greta said that he “was not conceived with love”. And the family tree published on an official website of the series confirms this, by listing Helge’s father as a man named Anatol Veliev. Who is he? Had he raped Greta?

A similar situation occurs with the mother of Helge’s son, Peter. In the tree, we see only one name: Ulla Schmidt. Who she was or how they met, we don’t know. The most we saw was a young Peter arriving from another city to live in Winden.

What happened between Agnes and the Unknown?

Agnes had a very brief participation in the season, and his absence was particularly felt due to the presence of the Unknown – son of Jonas with Martha of World B, he conceived Tronte with Agnes. How was the relationship of the two (if there was one)? It would have been an interesting point to be explored, especially with the trajectory of Agnes, who moved away from Sic Mundus and later returned.

But we really wanted to see more of this couple here, look:

We all agree that Agnes Nielsen and Doris Tiedemann are the most wronged dark couple and deserved a LOT more right? pic.twitter.com/DANLYA01gf

– diabeline RESERVA (@amvexemplar) June 29, 2020

And did you have any more questions after the end of “Dark”? Tell us!


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