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'Dark': Everything we know about the third season of the series

by ace
'Dark': Everything we know about the third season of the series

The time is coming to say goodbye. "Dark", the German Netflix series, will soon return for the third and final season. But in the meantime, we've put together everything we know about the new episodes for you to check out here.

When does the season debut?

The final season of "Dark" opens on June 27 – the same day, by the way, when the apocalypse will take place in the small town of Winden.

@NetflixBrazil It will launch the 3rd season of Dark on June 27th, which in the series is the end of the world, in fact they announced this today, with 33 days remaining on June 27th, in the series the cycles of time occur every 33 years. Marketing that speaks eihn pic.twitter.com/Pr7X6c4TYq

– Celso Lima (@Portioolli) May 26, 2020

Where's the trailer?

No real trailer yet … But Netflix has already released a teaser, which has some interesting details, including Martha in Jonas' yellow jacket.

Do you have photos?

Has! Netflix has already shown some on Instagram:

Who from the cast comes back?

Since we're talking about a time travel series, it looks like the whole main cast is coming back. After all, death doesn't matter so much. Remember that at the end of the second season a Martha from another world appeared, after the first was killed by Adam? Yeah.

Do you have new characters?

Apparently, yes. The teaser featured a boy, an adult man and an elderly man who appeared to set fire to Adam's office (and who may well be the same person). What they want? It's still a mystery!

Image: Playback / YouTube


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