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‘Dark Desire’: Who is the actor who lives Darío and steals all the scenes

by ace

“Dark Desire” debuted on Netflix and was catapulted to a prestigious spot among the most viewed titles on the platform. The series draws attention for its daring scenes and for its protagonist: Maitê Perroni, ex- “Rebelde” and star of Mexican soap operas.

But, in addition to Professor Alma, played by the actress, another character has been standing out and attracting the attention – and rancid – of the audience: the seducer Darío, played by Alejandro Speitzer.

Despite being what we can comfortably call boy trash, it is undeniable that every time he appears, Darío steals the spotlight. But who is the young actor who is calling attention in the series? Well, it may be surprising that he is not a new face on the small screens.

Children’s soap operas

The 25-year-old actor started early in his artistic career. As a child, he participated in a series of children’s soap operas in Mexico such as “Accomplices of a Rescue”, “Rayito de Luz” and “Amy, the Girl with the Blue Backpack”, where he met Danna Paola, from the “Elite” series, also from Netflix . At the end of last year, he used his Instagram to celebrate the friendship of years between the two.

Streaming loves

Incidentally, speaking of Netflix, the service also seems to be helping actors to connect in more romantic ways. That’s because Alejandro is the boyfriend of the actress Ester Expposto, who also is part of the cast of “Elite”, where he plays Carla. On social networks, the two exchange messages of affection.

Musical talent

In addition to acting, Speitzer also has some endeavors in music. In addition to posting several videos singing with his guitar on his Instagram, he has already recorded songs, including the actress and singer Sheryl Rubio, with whom he starred in the cast of a musical soap opera: “Guerra de Ídolos”.


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