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'Dark' creator publishes emblematic post on season 3 and last

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'Dark' creator publishes emblematic post on season 3 and last

Officially, the series "Dark" did not have the premiere date for its third and final season confirmed by Netflix. But the director and screenwriter, one of the show's creators, Baran bo Odar, made many people want to travel to the future by releasing an image of the series' intriguing cave.

"The last cycle will start soon … Tic touch," he wrote yesterday on Instagram. Many fans charged the series trailer on the post and even joked about the possibility of a time travel to watch the story unfold.

One of the first comments in the post is from actor Andreas Pietschmann, who lives "The Tin" within the series.

A week ago Odar had already announced on the social network that the final production phase of the third season had ended. "Enough of the Dark for us. We won't have Winden anymore," he said, announcing that soon the official details should be released: "The teaser will be out soon," he added.

Although not released by Netflix, the date of the first episode of the third season has already been recorded by the IMDB website: June 27. The day, within the German series, corresponds to the apocalypse that takes place over the fictional city of Winden.

If the debut is confirmed on this day, it will not be the first time that Dark has used an emblematic date of the universe itself. The second season aired on June 21, 2019 – fans know that on this day, Michael Kahnwald's death kicks off the series' events.


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