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'Da 5 Bloods': Spike Lee releases new poster and criticizes police violence

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'Da 5 Bloods': Spike Lee releases new poster and criticizes police violence

Spike Lee posted today on his social networks the new poster of "Da 5 Bloods", his new feature in partnership with Netflix, which will be released on the 12th. The director used the opportunity to celebrate "Memorial Day", day that honors the American military who died in combat.

"On this day, we salute those who gave their lives in the service of our country. # DA5BLOODS STAR GLOBALLY JUNE 12 ON NETFLIX," he said in the post on his Twitter account.

On This Day We Salute Those Who Gave Their Lives In Service To Our Country. # DA5BLOODS STREAMS GLOBALLY JUNE 12TH ON NETFLIX. pic.twitter.com/UPRglsrSZx

– Spike Lee (@SpikeLeeJoint) May 25, 2020

Even today, in another post, Spike Lee recalled Crispus Attucks, an African American considered the first American killed in the American Revolution. "CRISPUS was a brother, a black man," tweeted Spike.

He then criticized police violence against the black population and emphasized his struggle for the country, despite everything.

"As descendants of slaves, we fight and die for red, white and blue. Unfortunately until today in 2020, we are being slaughtered, killed as if everything is fine. God bless all of our veterans, the living and the dead. Enjoy this day. Stay safe. Peace, Spike, "he tweeted.

As Descendants Of Slaves We Have Fought And Died For The Red, White And Blue From Da Jump, From Da Gitgo. Sadly Even Here Today In 2020 We Are Being Shot Down, Killed Like It's Alright. God Bless All Our Veterans, The Living And The Deceased. Enjoy This Day. Be Safe. Peace, Spike pic.twitter.com/1BzR69rFGB

– Spike Lee (@SpikeLeeJoint) May 25, 2020

In "Da 5 Bloods", four war veterans return to Vietnam to find the body of their unit's commander, who died in battle, but confided to soldiers that he had buried treasure somewhere in the country.

The cast has names like Chadwick Boseman (the Black Panther), Jean Reno ("The Professional"), Delroy Lindo ("The Good Fight"), Jonathan Majors ("The Rebellion") and Paul Walter Hauser ("Me, Tonya" ).

In addition to directing, Lee wrote the script alongside Kevin Willmott, his partner in "Infiltrated on the Klan".


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