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Covid-19. Informal caregivers can move between municipalities to provide …

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Covid-19. Informal caregivers can move between municipalities to provide ...

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Informal caregivers can move outside the municipality of residence during the Easter period, as long as they will provide urgent care for family members. That is the justification that the security forces should give, if they are addressed, says the ANCI – National Association of Informal Caregivers.

It was the response that ANCI received from the Minister of Labor and Social Security after asking the question of whether there are many caregivers who live in a different county from the people they care for, and that they could not stay five days without assistance.

Ana Mendes Godinho understands that this is an exception to the rule that restricts the movement of people outside the municipality of residence, which runs from 00:00 this Thursday and until midnight on Monday. And that is provided for in nr. 1 of article 6 of decree-law 2-B / 2020, of 2 April.

In a statement, ANCI recalls that the security forces will take this need into account, as long as there is no evidence that could call into question the justification, for example, "with a full trunk or more than one or two people in a vehicle".

For this reason, the National Association of Informal Caregivers calls for “the common sense of each one, avoiding unnecessary travel”

To avoid the usual displacements during the Easter period, when thousands of people join families and which in the middle of a pandemic, would favor the spread of the disease, the government restricted freedom of movement.

Health professionals, social support, security forces, politicians, magistrates, leaders of social partners and communication professionals are the exceptions to the rule, as long as they exercise their functions. And provided with a declaration from the employer.

Informal caregivers without information on support in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic

From 00:00 this Thursday – until midnight on Monday, it is forbidden to travel outside the municipality of residence, except for exceptional cases, such as going to work.

The new coronavirus, responsible for the covid-19 pandemic, has already infected more than 1.4 million people worldwide, of whom more than 82,000 died. Of the cases of infection, about 260 thousand are considered cured.

In Portugal, according to the balance made today by the Directorate-General for Health, there were 380 deaths, 35 more than the day before (+ 10.1%), and 13,141 cases of confirmed infections, which represents an increase of 699 in compared to Tuesday (+ 5.6%).

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