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Coronavirus: World leaders’ posts deleted over fake news

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Coronavirus: World leaders' posts deleted over fake news

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President Bolsonaro violated the rules by promoting an alleged cure

Facebook and Twitter excluded posts from world leaders for spreading wrong information about the coronavirus.

Facebook deleted a video by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro that claimed hydroxychloroquine was totally effective in treating the virus.

He repeatedly underestimated the virus and encouraged Brazilians to ignore medical advice on social detachment.

It follows the exclusion of Twitter from a homemade treatment tweeted by Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.

The two social networks rarely interfere with messages from world leaders, even when they are verified to be false.

Twitter, for example, says it "will make mistakes when leaving content" when world leaders break the rules, citing public interest.

But all the major social networks are under pressure to combat misinformation surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.

Twitter updated its guidelines on combating medical misinformation, contrary to international public health guidelines.

AND Facebook made the same commitment to remove information that could cause physical damage.

President Bolsonaro's posts showed him talking to people on the streets of Taguatinga.

Facebook said it removed the video from the website and Instagram, which it also owns. The posts violated community standards for causing harm, BBC News reported.

The accompanying statements issued to Buzzfeed and The Verge clarified that the claim on hydroxychloroquine was the main reason for their exclusion.

The World Health Organization says that while some drug cocktails can have an impact, there is no proven drug treatment.

And hydroxychloroquine and a related compound, chloroquine, are unproven experimental treatments.

But despite the lack of clinical trials, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has now approved the two compounds, listed as antimalarial drugs, for "emergency use" in hospitalized Covid-19 patients.

The potential for possible treatment outweighed the known risk, said the FDA.

But U.S. President Donald Trump promoted the idea of ​​hydroxychloroquine as an effective cure last week, before the FDA shift.

And his personal lawyer, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, had a tweet deleted for claiming it was "100% effective" in treating the virus.

He cited another supporter of President Trump, Charlie Kirk, whose tweets were also deleted.

In the UK, a “quick response unit” has been created within the Office to work with social media to remove fake news and harmful content.

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