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Coronavirus. Passengers who arrive in the Azores and test negative dismissed from …

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Coronavirus. Passengers who arrive in the Azores and test negative dismissed from ...

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passengers disembarking in the Azores will be exempted from staying in
prophylactic isolation or quarantine if tested negative for Covid-19,
contrary to what has happened so far, announced the President of the Government

the greatest awareness that exists and that we believe that at this moment there is
from the point of view of the care that should be taken in this situation, this (the
quarantine and prophylactic isolation) is no longer a requirement ", said
Vasco Cordeiro at the Sant'Ana Palace in Ponta Delgada, after meeting
chambers of commerce in the region and the Association of Industrialists of
Civil Construction and Public Works of the Azores (AICOPA).

measure will enter into force on Friday, however it is not known whether it will be
also applied to passengers currently quarantining.

The official also stressed that for passengers arriving from abroad to
region there will continue to be a "need to arrive with a test now"
performed or "perform a test on arrival" and wait in unit
hotel for the result that will be announced in a period up to 48 hours.

president of the regional executive justified the decision with the situation of Covid-19
in the Azores to be "evolving in the right direction" and by the citizens already
"a much greater awareness of the precautions" that must be taken
to prevent the outbreak from spreading.

this time was an exceptional situation and we need to go progressively
returning to normal. An alert: the alert that it may be necessary to go back.
This must always be present ", pointed out Cordeiro.

Azorean executive announced on the 16th of this month that passengers who
arrived in the region would no longer be required to stay 14 days in confinement
in a hotel unit – a measure implemented since March 26, within the scope of
combating the spread of the Covid-19 outbreak -, after the Tribunal de Ponta
Delgada granted a request for immediate release ('habeas corpus') made
by a complainant, who was confined to a hotel on the island of São

the President of the Government of the Azores announced the extension of the measure to all
were currently in hotel units and those that will arrive in the future,
presenting several alternatives to those who arrive in São Miguel or Terceira:
performing a covid-19 test on arrival is one of them (test to be repeated
on the fifth day and on the 13th day after arrival), one voluntary quarantine and one
returning to the place of origin is also a possibility.

Ryanair and SATA are not yet operating between the continent and the region, but
TAP continues to have connections, albeit in fewer numbers than usual, between
Lisbon and São Miguel and Lisbon and the island of Terceira.


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