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Coronavirus. Mainland death toll rises to 2,233

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Coronavirus. Mainland death toll rises to 2,233

The outbreak of the Covid-19 coronavirus killed 115 more people this Thursday in the Chinese province of Hubei, where the epidemic began, increasing the number of deaths in mainland China to 2,233, according to the daily count of the local Health Commission.

According to health officials in Hubei province, most deaths were reported in Wuhan, where the new coronavirus was detected in late 2019.

411 new cases of the disease were confirmed on Thursday, a rise from 349 infections recorded the previous day.

The Covid-19 coronavirus has already infected more than 76,000 people worldwide.

In addition to the more than 2,200 deaths in mainland China, three people died in Japan, two in the Chinese region of Hong Kong, two in Iran, one in the Philippines, one in France, one in Taiwan and one in South Korea.

Chinese authorities have isolated several cities in central Hubei province to try to control the epidemic, a measure that covers about 60 million people.

In Portugal, 12 suspected cases have been registered, but none have been confirmed.

According to the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, there are 45 confirmed cases in the European Union and the United Kingdom.

WHO regrets little response from the international community to fight epidemic

The World Health Organization regretted, this Thursday, that the international community is not responding in the expected way to the call for the creation of a fund of 613 million euros to fight the epidemic caused by the new coronavirus.

"In view of the urgency, and that we are fighting a very dangerous enemy, we are surprised that the response was not as expected, so we ask the international community to take it very seriously," said the Director-General of WHO. , Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, at the organism's daily conference on the epidemic.

The Ethiopian doctor stressed that "thanks to the measures taken by China, the number of people affected in the rest of the world remains low, but that does not mean that it will always be so".

"We have to take advantage of the present moment, when the virus is still controllable", he stressed, warning: "if we don't act now we could face a serious problem".

On February 5, WHO launched an international petition to raise 613 million euros to finance its operations in the face of the epidemic and to fund coronavirus prevention systems in countries with weak health systems.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said at the conference that the WHO team, which has been working in China to investigate the origin of the disease since last week, is made up of specialists from research centers based in Russia, the United States, Singapore, Japan, Korea South, Nigeria and Germany.

He also announced that, since Wednesday, the so-called WHO Health Security Council will be held weekly, in which he and the WHO regional directors will meet to analyze and coordinate a response against the epidemic.

The WHO expects to have within three weeks the results of the clinical trials of two treatments for patients in Covid-19, which Chinese research centers are conducting and for which the organization has prioritized other studies.



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