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Coronavirus can be transmitted by patients without symptoms

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Coronavirus can be transmitted by patients without symptoms

The coronavirus, which has already killed 80 people in China, can be transmitted by patients who do not yet have symptoms of the disease.

2019-nCoV – provisional designation of the new coronavirus – is contagious even during the incubation period, which can last up to 14 days. The revelation was made this Sunday by the National Health Commission of China.

This characteristic makes it more difficult to stop the disease and favors the spread of the virus, which has already infected more than 2,300 people in China and in more than a dozen countries.

“The speed of spread of the outbreak is increasing. I fear that this will continue for some time and that the number of cases of infected people still increases ”, admitted the director of the National Health Commission of China.

Ma Xiaowei said in a press conference that people with the disease without symptoms during the incubation period are causing the cases to multiply more quickly.

According to the latest report, the death toll from the new coronavirus detected in China has increased to 80, after 24 new deaths recorded in Hubei province, the epicenter of contagion. The number of confirmed cases increases to more than 2,300 across China.

The Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against "non-essential trips" to China, due to the new coronavirus, justifying the alert due to possible health risks and the current limitations on circulation within the country.

Portugal remains free of the coronavirus. The first suspected case of coronavirus in the country was negative, after analyzes at the Ricardo Jorge Institute.

World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom is on his way to China to meet with the Beijing government and experts to discuss the current coronavirus outbreak.

On the social network Twitter, Tedros Adhanom highlights the need to strengthen the partnership with the Chinese authorities, in order to help limit this crisis.

The World Health Organization (WHO) also asks scientists and researchers to share the knowledge and scientific studies they have on the new virus, even if they have not been published.



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