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Coast and most variable geometries

It's not usual, but this time the Altis room where the PS election night took place was packed with people at half past six, seven in the afternoon. The expectation on which majority the party was going to have was huge and it was filling, filling.

No sooner had the television projections appeared on the screens than the room exploded in euphoria as if the absolute majority desired, but never requested, were confirmed. It was not confirmed, but this time it was "victory, victory", heard in the room.

António Costa, by the way, had already set this scenario aside at the entrance of the hotel, which is a reference to the PS election nights, meaning that the absolute majority was "very unlikely" to happen.

There is no such majority, there is another. The party "strengthened its political position" and increased and won in votes, increased and won in terms of office, "summarized Costa, caught in the street, amid a whirlwind of journalists, cables and television cameras.

In between spoke Deputy Secretary-General Ana Catarina Mendes, the first to refer to "the electoral defeat of the right", also appeared Pedro Nuno Santos, the representative of the left wing of the PS wanting to tell reporters that "renewal" is "desirable" of the current parliamentary majority, as if marking ground for whatever Costa said in the victory speech.

As the deputies were confirming constituency to constituency, after Asunción Cristas withdrew from the scene and Rui Rio spoke, the room again burst with euphoria. Coast in the room? No not yet. It was Mario Centeno, the finance minister, a true idol of the socialists, widely applauded and to be shouted at with a "PS, PS".

Then yes, the leader of the PSD, Rui Rio, shut up and Antonio Costa appeared in the room with a new euphoria of the socialist staff and the popular bases present.

The room was silent to hear Costa say that "PSD and CDS even with the reinforcement of the Liberal and Arrive Initiative had a historic defeat in Portugal" and that the Portuguese rejected this alternative because of "a campaign based on personal attacks and attacks. "implicitly referring to the case of Tancos, which marked the second week of the election campaign.

Conclusion: "The Portuguese want a new agreement with the reinforced PS to govern with stability on the horizon of the next legislature", that is, for four years and that is not a Government that is halfway, halfway through the cycle.

And Costa really shot: "the Portuguese liked the 'contraption' and wish the continuation of the current political solution now with a stronger PS." And there is the warning for Left Block and for the PCP: the socialist leader will also start contacts with PAN and Livre. Regarding Chega there is no conversation possible.

After the questions are over, the election night is over, the PS now begins contacts to renew a parliamentary majority that supports the Government.


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