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Chinese cinema bigger than USA? Why the pandemic can accelerate growth

by ace

Do you know how many cinemas there are in China?

According to a survey by the Statista website, in 2019 alone there were 69,787.

With that number of screens and its population of 1.4 billion, it is no wonder that Hollywood executives already expect the box office in the country to eventually surpass the United States figures. China has not yet passed the American market, but experts explain that the pandemic could accelerate this process.

Last year, Chinese box office grew by 5% – reaching a total of $ 9 billion, while in the U.S. it slipped 4%, but remained at the top with $ 11 billion.

The turbulence caused by the coronavirus, the lockdown and the new producers can change this scenario Patrick Frater and Rebecca Davis, from Variety


Richard Gelfond, CEO of Imax, believes that Chinese cinemas will reopen with full force. And he explains the reason for his hope.

China is very conservative about cinema. They want to be very sure to reopen the rooms and keep them going. Cinema will be one of the last sectors to reopen, and for that reason it may come even stronger.

Movie theater in Beijing, China, sanitized after screening

Image: China News Service via Getty Images

Regardless of how the reopening will take place in the coming months, analysts are certain that the pace of the Chinese film market should support this overtaking. The most hopeful analysts, like Tony Gao, director of EntGroup, an agency that assesses the Chinese film market, say the preliminary results are “better than they imagined”.

Major movie chains in China hope that in August some of the delayed releases will be released on the big screen.

A blockbuster release will accelerate the public’s return. Be it a Chinese movie or a Hollywood hit Tony Gao


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