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Businesspeople concerned: "What happens in Spain has repercussions in Portugal"

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Businesspeople concerned: "What happens in Spain has repercussions in Portugal"

High voltage in Catalonia is already a matter of strong concern for
Spanish and Portuguese businessmen, who recall the distrust generated in
when the region endorsed the
. At the time, investments fell sharply, given the

How much
longer the instability in Catalonia may last until tension affects the
business in the region? Enrique Santos, president of the Chamber of Commerce and
Portuguese-Spanish Industry (CCILE), underlines
Renaissance that
Catalonia has enormous economic importance for Portugal.

that this situation is worrying. Everything that happens in Spain is reflected in
Portugal and particularly in Catalonia, because it is the Spanish region that
sells to Portugal and the second to buy more ”, he explains.

businessman puts numbers on the table: from January to July, Catalonia sold
Portugal almost three billion euros in goods and products and bought 1.1 billion euros
millions. “This crisis is not yet shaking transactions because only
started a few days ago, but if it goes on, it's obvious we'll feel it, "
admitted. These are the certainties of uncertainty.

Jimeno, a Catalan businessman who is on the board of CCILE, tells the
Renaissance that by
now, instability in Catalonia is mainly affecting tourism but
"It has not yet had major economic consequences."

2017 when an investor had to expand capital or make a new
investment in Catalonia, had more questions and asked more questions.
Of course, when this happens, the impact is negative. That time it was
thus followed two years of tranquility that allowed the
confidence. But if the situation we are now living with continues over time
surely the distrust will reoccur ", he concludes.

The entrepreneur hopes that the dialogue between the parties can be
coexistence in peace but has "some doubts" that this can happen.

"I follow
these events with some concern. There are some violent drifts in the
city ​​and good people can only be apprehensive. We want things
don't get complicated anymore, but nobody knows how this will end, ”he says.

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