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Brazil Bolsonaro: Facebook told to block accounts of president’s supporters

by ace

Image copyright Reuters Reuters Image caption Several Bolsonaro supporters are accused of spreading fake news on social media

Facebook followed an order from the Supreme Court to block the accounts of a dozen of the main allies of extreme right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro.

The group is accused of spreading false news against judges.

However, the social media giant said the move was a threat to freedom of expression and said it would appeal against the order.

His platform was used to call for a military coup to end Congress and the Supreme Court.

In May, a judge ordered Facebook to block 12 accounts and Twitter to block 16 accounts.

On Friday, the Supreme Court of Brazil fined Facebook 1.92 million reais ($ 368,000; £ 280,000) for refusing to block global access to accounts – it only agreed to block access to accounts that could accessed from Brazil – and another R $ 100,000 per day. failure to comply.

It was not clear whether Twitter was also fined.

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Facebook said in a statement that the order was extreme, “in conflict with laws and jurisdictions around the world”.

“Given the threat of criminal liability to a local official, we currently see no alternative but to comply with the decision, blocking accounts globally, while we appeal to the Supreme Court,” he said.

Among the blocked accounts are Roberto Jefferson, leader of a party loyal to the president, and Luciano Hang, one of the best known businessmen in Brazil.

Facebook and Twitter are under increasing pressure to combat hate speech and false information.

In July Facebook blocked dozens of Facebook and Instagram accounts who claimed to be involved in the creation of “fictional personas who present themselves as reporters” and “masked as news outlets”.

The agency said it linked the accounts to employees at Bolsonaro’s offices, his sons Eduardo and Flávio and others.


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